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    URGENT(Because it is VITAL for the European & International Nuclear Safety)

    To: MEPs of Nuclear Transparency Watch... From: Joseph-Christos Kondylakis

    Mrs Michele Rivasi,Mr Klaus Buchner, Nuclear Physicisist/Nuclear Fission

    Mr Jo Leinen,Mr Benedek Javor,Mr Dario Tamburrano Mikras Asias 13, Agios Nikolaos,

    ...Crisis Management... Anavissou,19013 Attiki, Greece



    FAX : 1+18=19 pages


    Dear Sir or Madam




    In Nuclear Engineering the Risk is defined as the product of [Probability of an Accident] x [Consequences of Accident] . A Nuclear fission plant meltdown may lead to , in special cases, the Nuclear fission Reactor to explode as Nuclear Bomb! (ref: QUANTITATIVE Research by Joseph-Christos Kondylakis in Internet site : ) and in that case the Consequences of the Nuclear Accident will be Ultra Catastrophe!! , viz Very Many Millions Deaths...

    (since for a typical Nuclear plant of 4x1000 MWe with their used nuclear fuel storages , about 20 Tones of Plutonium will go to Global & local atmospheric circulation and one microgram(0.000001 gram) of inhalled Plutonium can cause Cancer...) and the economical cost is estimated to be of the order of 30 to 150 Trillions! of Euro (since for a Not nuclear Bomb explosion , severe nuclear accident in France or in Germany studies have estimated the cost to be about 5 to 10 Trillions of Euro...)

    This VERY CRITICAL THEME have communicated to the Petitions Committee of European Parliament but it Illegaly is NOT registering!! many of my Vital Petitions and also it have been communicated to the President of European Parliament Mr. Antonio Tajani and elsewhere...

    Unfortunately it is my intution and the lack of further communication that our VERY CRITICAL THEME is not well undestood and Urgent & Effective Thinking & Actions are NOT taken...

    Being a specialist in Nuclear Fission(Applied+Theoretically) and former Assistant Technical Supervisor in the Nuclear Generation Division of “Ontario Hydro” in Canada and former Manager of Systems Design & Development in Canada, I am extremely worry about our Theme and I desire Very Serious and Urgent Thinking ,Studies & Actions to be initiated for PREVENTIVE Reasons , therefore I send you this message to be considered and be presented in European Parliament,European Commission & Elsewhere and possibly an Investigation Committee to be created for our Theme and for the Big Barriers put to me ,E.T.C. and I remain available for any clarification and help...

    S.N. Some additional information you can find in Internet site : (Petition,Thinking) ,and by Internet searching using “key words” “ Joseph Christos Kondylakis “ , “ Ιωσήφ Χρήστος Κονδυλάκης “ , and

    in my Petitions(Not Registered & Registered) in European Parliament...


    With Friendly Greetings




    Joseph-Christos Kondylakis

    Physicist,graduated with Excellent degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece &

    Nuclear Physicist from McGill University,Canada financed with Canadian Scholarship

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    Καλά αυτός ο άνθρωπος τόσα πτυχία πήρε, και το κείμενό του να έχει τη σύνταξη επιστολής Νιγηριανού πρίγκηπα, αμαρτία ... Θα τον περάσει κανείς για τρολ ή για γραφικό, επιστήμονα άνθρωπο :lol:

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